My first objection Detection model – Tensorflow

I trained this model by following a tutorial by a youtube creator called sentdex. You can find his videos here

To train the model I took 150 photos of broad leaved docks in one of our grassland fields. I used a program called rectlabel for OSX to label all my docks in the image. This bounding box tells Tensorflow where to look for the weeds/docks. Tensorflow then trains itself to place accurate boxes around all the weeds in the data set by constructing and training a neural network.


The Open Sprayer project

Open Sprayer

Open sprayer is an autonomous land drone project which aims to use high precision GPS and deep learning to self drive over a crop field selectively sprayer for weeds. All plans and code will be free and open sourced. The aim of the project is to build a prototype machine that costs around £2000 in parts and can be built be anyone with some basic fab and computing skills