Boom on!


Sprayer boom, spray heads and hoses fitted, starting to look like it might be useful.

Each sprayer has its own 12v relay to control the flow of water. I can use python to send a command over the serial port to an Arduino which can turn them on and off using a standard 8 piece relay board you can buy off Ebay, etc.

Now that I have the Arduino serial bridge between python and the real world (spray heads). I need to find a way to run the CNN on a laptop, give me classifications on each section of the field image and then store it in an array. I hope to then pass this array/string of classifications which would look something like a string of 1’s and 0’s to the Arduino. The Arduino would then use the encoder on the wheel to work out where it is in relation to the image it just took and turn the relays off and on when needed. Once its worked its way over the first image it will send a signal back to python to take another image and the process begins again.

The nice thing about the electric motor is the rover can stop and take a break between images to think about its next move and crunch some numbers. Long term this is a slow way to go about things but for prototyping its definitely makes it more achievable in terms of getting a nice sharp image from the camera and classifying weeds on a laptop.